Disentangled: a video journey. Five therapists, one client - the many faces of CIMBS

One client has five experiences of Complex Integration of Multiple Brain Systems Therapy with four master CIMBS therapists and one CIMBS novice.

Are you interested in seeing therapeutic work in action? Are you fascinated by the different ways that one type of therapy looks in practice? Do you want to learn from master psychotherapists and see the remarkable impact of a novice? Are you interested in seeing different therapists working with one client? Learning about therapy directly from observing sessions is a vital part of the development of psychological practice. The opportunities for this can be rare, with many workshops and training courses talking about clinical work and not showing it in action. This course gives you access to video recordings of five sessions, transcripts of the sessions with the verbal and non-verbal content of the work. We give you extraordinary insight into this innovative way of working therapeutically. With comments from the therapists about the process and insight into the impact of the sessions from the client, being gradually released in autumn 2019 and 2020. Want a unique and remarkable experience? This is the course for you!

Created by Dr Jessica Bolton

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This is an extraordinary insight into the diversity of the new paradigm in psychotherapy and therapeutic connection - Complex Integration of Multiple Brain Systems (CIMBS).

The course has a simple structure. We share the therapeutic adventure that Dr Jess Bolton has been on over the past three years, as she has developed her relationship and understanding of CIMBS. Instead of focusing on theory and skills, this course shares her experience from the inside out.

We rarely have real insight into people's therapeutic journeys. As therapists, the opportunity to observe the process and to discuss and learn from witnessing transformational change, is vital to help us develop and grow. Growing through internal emotional experience and deliberate practice, are also vital.

However, as therapists, we rarely get chance to shadow and bear witness, and appropriately so... it is a deeply private experience. But at EmotiHealth, we want to bring transparency to the treatment process and shine a light on the remarkable work that can be achieved with practice and focused learning experiences. We want to help you become supershrinks by developing amazing learning opportunities.

So here, a consultant clinical psychologist and psychotherapist shares her own experience. A bunch of people known for diverting questions about themselves, it is a strange level of disclosure for therapists to share their own therapeutic videos. But, Jess has a lifelong passion for levelling the playing field, for decreasing 'othering' and for looking for ways to equalise power imbalance.

"I have experienced most psychiatric 'symptoms' in one form or another along the way. To continue the fallacy of 'us' and 'them' in mental health keeps everyone stuck in a psychotic state - completely out of touch with reality! Symptoms are our bodies responses to extraordinary experiences. These videos shine a light where symptoms had become stuck, where the past was still a shadow in the present. CIMBS does a remarkable job of separating and releasing us from the constraints of the past.

And in order to be a competent therapist and CIMBS practitioner, I simply have to disentangle secondary emotions and behavioural habits, from the primary activations underneath. If I feel shame each time I am playful with my clients, if I feel anxiety when I develop close caring connections, I will stay away from the deeply transformative experiences that set people free.

I am excited to be sharing CIMBS with an international community and feel passionate that this is one of the unique contributions I can make. And the sessions I am sharing don't go into detail about my past experiences, as with all CIMBS therapy, we stay as much as we can in the here and now; disentangling the past from the transpiring present moment. Disentangling constraints which are no longer necessary and instead activating innate, healthy emotional systems."

You Will...

  • See master therapists in action
  • See a remarkable therapeutic process unfolding in each session.
  • See therapeutic change from primary focus on adaptive capacities
  • Get access to full transcripts with detailed non-verbal content
  • Coming soon, learn about the process behind the therapy with master therapist commentary
  • Watch unedited, complete sessions
  • See how a seemingly slower process brings integration and faster results.
  • Take a unique step forward in your understanding of therapeutic practice and CIMBS
  • Witness the disentangling of primary and secondary brain systems
  • Coming soon, learn about the impact on the client directly after the therapy and beyond.

What You Will Need

Access to a computer, tablet or mobile phone with an internet connection. Experience may not be optimal on a phone or smaller tablet so we urge you to use a desktop whenever possible.

To have a background of working therapeutically with clients. This course is designed to be helpful for trained and training therapists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, coaches and counsellors.

It is likely to benefit a whole variety of health, education, wellbeing and social care professionals who need to develop active and effective relationships with their clients or patients.

Course Curriculum

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by experiential?
This means you can get very actively involved in learning the skills and techniques involved in this approach. During the course we prioritize your experience in the present moment. We learn more effectively if we are actively involved, if we have regulated emotional experiences and if we practice deliberately what we need to get better at. It can be challenging to stay active when learning via an online / computer based platform so we have interwoven active exercises throughout the course. We encourage you to pay careful attention to your experience throughout the course so you can use the opportunity to notice your responses and learn about how your systems are activated.
Will this learning really have an immediate impact on my clients?
Given the course is highly experiential – the potential for it to really impact you is increased. You can sit back, but your involvement will be significantly related to your outcomes! So the answer is yes, if you practice and work at it. The answer is yes, because here we are providing both a cutting edge model and a cutting edge way of delivering learning opportunities in the comfort of your office or home.
CIMBS is a fast and effective psychotherapy because the process of activation and differentiation of Multiple Brain Systems enables the client to come to a new Integration of more Complex and flexible mental functioning. This leads to a new trajectory of growth and adaptive functioning where the client/patient achieves their best potential for the present, and freedom to continue maximizing further development in the future.
What is CIMBS?
CIMBS from www.complexintegrationmbs.com
Our brain has many complex Brain Systems (vision, hearing, coordination, the autonomic nervous system, etc). These systems enable us to live and flourish in a wide variety of circumstances. In addition, there are other Brain Systems that utilize the energy and wisdom of our emotions, direct our motivations, protect us from danger and build close nourishing relationships.
When these emotional systems are differentiated from each other they can function independently and then be fully integrated enabling us to function at our highest capacity.
CIMBS uses targeted therapeutic interventions to modulate the suppression, differentiation and/or activation of the different Brain Systems that have been wired together in a person’s brain by early developmental experiences or traumas.
CIMBS maximizes the mind’s ability to modify the brain’s structure known as neuroplasticity. CIMBS is our therapeutic approach to the overarching therapeutic paradigm.
What is Neurophysiopsychotherapy™?
Neuro– working directly with the functioning of different neural networks
Physio– we are constantly providing our patients with new physical [visceral] experiences and novel need-satisfying experiences in the present moment
Psycho- paying attention to psychological brain systems
Therapy- active involvement, creating a stabilizing relationship in the context of the stress of new learning.
What does CIMBS prioritise?
  1. Gathering evidence about how the patient/client’s Brain Systems are operating in the present moment, in real time.
  2. Assess attachment relationship patterns
  3. Access, activate and differentiate the Multiple Brain Systems
  4. Notice and reinforce positive feelings, strengths and new adaptive neuropathways
  5. Shift the internal balance from avoidance to approach
  6. Provide ongoing successful present moment experiential learning.

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